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Senate Bill 12 Compliance

The Texas Energy Partnership has created this Web site to provide information designed to facilitate compliance with TexasSenate Bills 5 (SB5) and Senate Bill 12 (SB12) by the 77th and 80th Texas legislatures, respectively.  Also known as the Texas Emissions Reduction Plan (TERP), the bills were enacted in 2001 and then extended in 2007 to assist the state in complying with the Federal Clean Air Act, and contains new energy-efficiency measures that are designed to decrease electric consumption while improving air quality. In order to comply with the new SB12 requirements, all political subdivisions in the 41 urban and surrounding non-attainment counties in Texas are required to:

  • implement all cost-effective energy-efficiency measures to reduce electric consumption by existing facilities;
  • adopt a goal of reducing electric consumption by 5 percent a year for 6 years, beginning September 1, 2007; and
  • report annually to the State Energy Conservation Office.

Senate Bill 12 Reporting Forms

At a minimum, the state law requires that political subdivisions report their aggregate consumption data based on square footage and associated kilowatt hours for operation.  However, some jurisdictions find it beneficial to provide detailed data to identify specific areas where the potential for energy and economic savings is the greatest.  As a result, an optional detailed reporting form has been developed so that political jurisdictions can report this data.   

Choose ONE of the following. You can submit your report on line or print a hardcopy and then fax or mail it to the address listed on the form.

SB 12 Online Reporting Form
(minimum mandated requirement)

SB 12 Reporting Form (updated)


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