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Alternative Fuels - Awarded Projects

The Comptroller has awarded competitive federal stimulus grants to the following governmental entities. ARRA Funds Awarded, Match and/or Total Project amounts are not final until contract execution.

Railroad Commission of Texas

ARRA Funds Awarded: $3,092,080 Match: $17,324,695 Total Project: $20,416,775

The Commission proposes to reduce petroleum consumption, improve air quality, create incremental jobs and generate increased public awareness of alternative fuel vehicles through a Texas Propane Public Fleet Project. The Commission will:

  • Strategically place 282 propane-fueled school buses, medium-duty vehicles and light-duty vehicles in 19 Texas public fleets. The 19 partnering fleets are:
    Cypress-Fairbanks ISD, Houston
    Denton ISD, Denton
    Lindale ISD, Lindale
    New Braunfels ISD, New Braunfels
    Princeton ISD, Princeton
    San Antonio ISD, San Antonio
    Southwest ISD, San Antonio
    University of Texas at Austin, Austin
    Whitesboro ISD, Whitesboro
    Capital Area Rural Transit System (CARTS), Austin
    Dallas county Schools, Dallas
    Harlandale ISD, San Antonio
    Lumberton ISD, Lumberton
    Northside ISD, San Antonio
    Richardson ISD, Richardson
    Seguin ISD, Seguin
    Texas State University – San Marcos
    Van Vleck ISD, Van Vleck
    Ysleta ISD, El Paso
  • To maximize fleet partners' economic benefits and encourage long-term propane use by upgrading 19 existing propane refueling facilities for 7 fleets, to provide the larger tanks necessary for future growth and stronger pumps and dispensers needed to quickly refuel vehicles equipped with the new liquid-injection propane fuel systems.
  • The LNG refueling infrastructure equipment will be both above ground and underground applications and dispensers, compressors, meters and safety equipment.

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North Central Texas Council of Governments

ARRA Funds Awarded: $2,500,000 Match: $5,600,000 Total Project: $8,100,000

North Central Texas council of governments will facilitate the implementation of new vehicle and infrastructure development in two focus areas: Natural gas vehicles (NGVs, both compressed and liquefied) and infrastructure, and electric vehicles and infrastructure. The funds will be used to increase the use of alternative fuels or advanced technology vehicles through the purchase or conversion of dedicated NGVs, Electric Vehicles (EVs) plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (PHEVs) and/or hybrid-electric vehicles (HEVs), as well as the expansion of existing, eligible alternative fuel refueling stations to offer natural gas refueling or electrical recharging systems. The eligibility of both vehicles and infrastructure will allow sub grantees to balance fuel supply with increased demand by proposing expanded infrastructure in conjunction with new vehicles. These projects will be located within the nine counties of the DFW non-attainment area, which includes Collin, Dallas, Denton, Ellis, Johnson, Kaufman, Parker, Rockwall, and Tarrant counties.

The refueling infrastructure will be for Natural Gas Vehicles and include equipment for both above ground and below ground applications. Other equipment purchases will be for dispensers, compressors, hoses and safety equipment.

The recharging infrastructure will be for Electric Vehicles and will be above ground and various locations in the COGs counties.

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City of Laredo

ARRA Funds Awarded: $924,000 Match: $430,000 Total Project: $1,354,000

The City of Laredo will upgrade its existing CNG refueling station by adding a larger tank and two dispenser units and one dryer tower. The City is also purchasing a CNG refuse hauler and street sweeper and vacuum truck for the fleet.

The refueling infrastructure equipment will include one CNG compressor, two dispensers, one tower dryer and one underground tank at the City facility.

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City of Austin

ARRA Funds Awarded: $607,209 Match: $151,802 Total Project: $759,011

The City of Austin has a three phase plan to implement alternative fuel and infrastructure development. In phase one, the City plans to convert 38 of the Prius hybrid electric vehicles currently in its fleet to Plug-in hybrid electric vehicles by installing conversion kits. For phase two, the City plans to enable the Plug-in hybrid electric vehicles to be efficiently charged, to install 38 Chargepoint networked charging stations. As the City's PHEVs will be driven by a number of drivers, the intention is to purchase 100 key cards so that all drivers can access the chargers. The charging stations will be installed at the City-owned buildings where the existing Prius vehicles are housed.

For phase three, the City will increase the use of E85 for its City's Police department vehicles. The installation of an E85 tank and dispenser will be an expansion of an existing alternative fuel refueling site at the Central Police garage that already offers B20 biodiesel.

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City of Houston

ARRA Funds Awarded: $500,000 Match: $100,000 Total Project: $600,000

The City of Houston has proposed to implement an electric vehicle (EV) program that has three phases: 1) purchasing 25 new Battery electric Vehicles for the City's fleet; 2) installing one 25 care EV charging station at the central fleet location; and 3) installing eight 10-EV charging stations at strategic locations across the City that will support the City Batter Electric Vehicle (BEV) and Plug-in Electric Vehicle (PHEV) fleet and public BEV/PHEV charging.

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City of Corpus Christi Gas Department

ARRA Funds Awarded: $400,000 Match: $128,000.50 Total Project: $528,000.50

The City of Corpus Christi will expand the existing compressed natural gas (CNG) refueling station to accommodate the expanding fleet of CNG vehicles operated by the City.

The CNG refueling equipment will consist of two compressors, three storage tanks (above ground), four dispensers and one meter guard.

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City of El Paso

ARRA Funds Awarded: $256,000 Match: $51,200 Total Project: $327,200

The City of El Paso originally asked for $1,206,000 in funds. $256,000 will be offered for funding to the City according to federal requirements.

The City of El Paso proposes to implement electric vehicle infrastructure by installing 32 electric vehicle charging stations in strategic locations city-wide. The City plans on converting 16 gasoline-electric hybrid fleet vehicles to plug-in electric hybrid vehicles.

Infrastructure equipment will consist of 32 electric recharging stations.

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The University of Texas at Austin

ARRA Funds Awarded: $200,000 Match: $50,000 Total Project: $250,000

The University of Texas will convert two existing fleet refueling stations to include E85 at four dispensers to service the growing number of fleet vehicles. Station One is located on Manor Road at the University Fleet Services Warehouse and the Second Station is located at the Burnet Road Research Center location.

The refueling infrastructure equipment for each facility will include two E85 tanks, two valves and fittings, dispensers, hoses and two compressors.

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City of Dumas

ARRA Funds Awarded: $107,800 Match: $30,200 Total Project: $138,000

The City of Dumas will add a compressed natural gas (CNG) refueling infrastructure to its existing public works warehouse property station. The new infrastructure will be utilized to fuel six vehicles and equipment that have been retrofitted to operate on CNG.

The refueling infrastructure will consist of one CNG tank, one dispenser, one compressor, one meter guard and hoses.

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City of San Antonio

ARRA Funds Awarded: $90,000 Match: $25,000 Total Project: $115,000

The City will convert five existing City-owned hybrid electric vehicles into plug-in hybrid electric vehicles using conversion kits supplied by a certified manufacturer. The City will also install five dedicated electric vehicle recharging stations to provide electricity for the vehicles converted.

Infrastructure equipment will consist of five electric recharging stations.

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Texas Parks and Wildlife Department

ARRA Funds Awarded: $56,000 Match: $85,642 Total Project: $141,642

The Texas Parks and wildlife department will purchase thirteen hybrid electric trucks that will be involved in the State Parks activities.

Thirteen hybrid trucks will be purchased and the request is for the incremental cost.

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Port of Corpus Christi Authority

ARRA Funds Awarded: $15,237.50 Match: $63,108.21 Total Project: $78,345.71

The Port of Corpus Christi will convert five "yard tractor" vehicles from the fleet from gasoline to propane. These vehicles move cargo around the dock area.

There is no refueling infrastructure upgrade requested for this project.

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