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LoanSTAR Revolving Loan Program

The Texas LoanSTAR (Saving Taxes and Resources) revolving loan program finances energy-related cost-reduction retrofits for state, public school district, public college, public university, and tax-district supported public hospital facilities (10 Tex. Gov. Code §2305.032). Low interest rate loans are provided to assist borrowers in financing their energy-related cost-reduction efforts. Applicants repay the loans through the stream of energy cost savings realized from the projects.

The 34 Tex. Admin. Code §19.41-45 provides the guidelines for the following: project eligibility, the application and selection process, and for project funding and repayment.  Each April and October, SECO publishes a Notice of Loan Fund Availability and request for applications of LoanSTAR loans.  The notice is published in the Texas Register, on the Comptroller’s website, and on the SECO Funding & Incentives webpage.  Sign up to receive Notices of Loan Fund Availability and application requirements by email.

As of December 2016, LoanSTAR has funded over 290 loans totaling over $460 million. As a result of these loans, the LoanSTAR Program has achieved total cumulative program energy savings of over $528 million, which results in direct savings to Texas Taxpayers.

For questions about the LoanSTAR Revolving Loan Program, contact Eddy Trevino (512-463-1876)

Download a list (PDF, 83 KB) of all active LoanSTAR loans (November 2016).

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